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Dotz Basketball


A retro style, action basketball game designed to resemble the hand held games of the 70's & 80's. Dotz Basketball is a fun, easy to learn, easy to play basketball game.The game feature two skill levels. You'll be knocking down three's and driving to the hoop for lay ups in the beginner level the first time you play. Once you have mastered the beginner level you can challenge the advanced level. The game also features a pro and college style which provides different defenses and timers. Dotz Basketball has touch screen controls, so you simply touch the screen and your point guard will move in that direction. The game is completely reactive. You can step back and hit a three or drive to the hoop.But watch out for the lighter defenders, they can steal the ball. Also you can add a second offensive player to pass to and help you rebound. Enjoy Dotz Basketball and tell your friends!!